Fishy Food Facts

TEXIES SEAFOOD’S fresh fish is selected from the best of the day’s catch, then packed in ice and distributed within hours to all our stores. Our fresh fish counters boast a large variety of fresh, chilled fish and seafood depending on seasonal availability. You can call our Fresh Fish stores and order Fish  and we will prepare it as requested and wrap it up for you to collect. Our fresh fish counter staff are specially trained to fillet or butterfly fish to make life simpler for you.

There’s a Season for Fish Too! 

Fresh fish, like many other foods, is more freely available during certain seasons of the year. However, because fish is so versatile you can always replace your favourite fish with another variety of similar taste and texture. Our fresh fish counter staff will gladly assist you with advice.

The Healthy Side of Fish 

The nutritional benefits of fish have long been recognized and fish should ideally form a major part of our diet. Just one small 100g portion of fish provides a healthy portion of first class protein, vitamin B12, which is vital for a healthy nervous system, and iodine, which the thyroid gland needs to function effectively.

White fish such as hake, kabeljou and kingklip are naturally low in fat, while the oilier varieties of fish such as salmon, trout, mackerel and snoek, boast more fat in the form of the heart friendly omega-3 fatty acids.

Medical professionals recommend including oil-rich fish at least two to three times a week in order to benefit from these essential fatty acids. These include sardines, pilchards and tuna.

Hot ‘n Tasty Fish ‘n Chips!

With Fish ‘n Chips having existed as the “original fast food ” for over 150 years, its long lasting popularity and the continued demand therefore, is testament to its honest, simple, nourishing and comforting offering.

Introduced during British Colonial rule, Fish ‘n Chips took on its South African flavour with the innovative and versatile use of Snoek by its local communities. As deeper sea fishing became a reality the, now sought after, Hake (also known as Stockfish) was introduced and became a firm favourite.

Its South African flavour was further enhanced by the strong working and culinary connections between the local and immigrant (mostly Madeiran) communities.

This led to Fish ‘n Chips industry taking on its unique Portuguese / South African flavour.

This continued association between its sea, its bounty and its communities, has made Cape Town the traditional and spiritual home of Fish ‘n Chips in South Africa.

However, with the largest concentration of outlets in one country, the UK continues to lead in training, promotional and technical innovations within this industry.

TEXIES SEAFOODS, as their only South African members has a long standing membership of the UK based NATIONAL FEDERATION OF FISH FRIERS, which represents over 8500 OUTLETS in the UK.

Through this membership, TEXIES SEAFOODS continues to build upon its South African traditions while keeping abreast of innovations and developments in this long standing and proud industry.

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