Cooking Guide

A Cooking Guide for Some of the Varieties of Fish we Stock in Our Stores:

  • Yellowtail: Braai, bake and pickle.
  • Snoek: Braai, bake and pickle.
  • Haddock: Poach in milk or bake.
  • Cape Salmon/ Geelbek: Most cooking methods are suitable.
  • Mackerel: Grill or braai.
  • Kingklip: Most cooking methods are suitable. Ideal for making fish kebabs.
  • Kabeljou / Kob: Shallow-fry, bake or braai (as long as it is well-basted).
  • Sole: Most cooking methods are suitable. Ideal for being stuffed whole or rolled in fillets.
  • Hake / Stockfish: Best served with a tasty sauce or fried in crumbs or batter.
  • Red Roman / Red Stumpnose: Bake whole in foil or fry.
  • Gurnard: Shallow-fry, bake or braai.
  • Angelfish: Shallow-fry, bake or braai.
  • Tuna: Grilled, bake or braai.
  • Silverfish: Shallow-fry, bake or braai.
  • Panga: Shallow-fry, bake or braai.
  • Santer: Shallow-fry, bake or braai.
  • Maasbanker: Grill or braai.
  • White Stumpnose: Shallow-fry, bake or braai.
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