Preparing Fish Tips

What to Look for When Buying Fish 

  • Smell it!
    Fresh fish should smell sweet: you should feel that you’re standing at the ocean’s edge. Any fishy or strong flavors means the fish is past its prime; do not buy it.
  • Look at it!
    Whole fish should look as they were just pulled from the water; bright clear eyes, pink to red gills and firm flesh are signs of freshness. Fish fillets or steaks should be firm and bright looking, with no brown spots or discoloration.
  • Freeze it!
    Fresh fish should be stored in your refrigerator for only a day or two; it’s very perishable. Any longer than that, and wrap the fish well in freezer paper and freeze it.

Tips for Preparing Fresh Fish:

  • On arrival at home, place your fish in the fridge to keep cool.
  • If you use frozen fish, remove it from the freezer in good time and defrost it slowly in the fridge to maintain its texture and minimise moisture loss.
    Always fry fish in clean, odourless oil.
  • Do not overcook fish as it will dry out. It should be cooked enough to have a pearly translucence, while still moist and juicy.
  • It is difficult to give timing estimates as the thickness of fish and the cooking heat must be taken into account. Fish fillets of about 3-4cm thick should take about 2 minutes on each side. Alternatively cook the fillet until it becomes opaque and flakes easily.
  • To get the most enjoyment from fish, eat it the day you buy it and serve it as soon as it is cooked.


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